Wet Bags

Need somewhere to store your cloth nappies, or to transport them while out and about?  Then you need a Wetbag - you can get large bags that replace buckets as a place to store nappies before the wash.  On wash day the whole bag and nappies can go through the wash.  If you are out and about you will need a wetbag for storing dirty nappies until you get home.  We have lots of great nappy wetbags in stock including Blueberry Wet Bags, Itti Bitti wetbags and Little Lamb Wetbags.  There are also double wetbags or wet and dry bags.  These have a section for storing clean nappies and a separate section for your dirty nappies.  We stock both the Tots Bots Wet and Dry bags and Monkey Foot wetbags.

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