Cloth Nappy Types

The range of modern cloth nappies available these days can be confusing, especially for new cloth users.  Whilst the innovation and sheer volume of choice has to be a good thing, here at The Nappy Stash we like to keep things simple.  Here is a brief guide to the types of nappies we know and LOVE!


All-in-Ones are our favourite daytime nappies.  As the name suggests all in ones are just that - a complete nappy which is washed and dried as one piece.  The outer will usually be made of PUL which stops any wetness leaking out and the inner (the bit that soaks up the pee) could be any number of absorbent materials (Bamboo, Cotton and Microfibre being the most common). 

Not all All-in-One nappies are the same though - different brands can have different styles, insert layouts or have extras such as additional boosters or pockets for stuffing.  Being all-in-one these nappies are quick to put together ready for use and incredibly easy for dads, grandparents and childminders as they go on just like a disposable.

A consideration when using All-in-Ones is the drying time.  As the nappy parts are all connected they can take longer to dry, however nappy designers are coming up with more and more impressive ways to allow these nappies to dry quicker

Pocket Nappies

Pocket nappies were our nappy of choice when our daughter was in nappies.  They are easy to use and really easy to boost, which makes them a very popular starter nappy.

They consist of a waterproof outer shell which usually has a stay dry lining as an inner and an opening (the pocket) where the two meet at the back.  The lining is not absorbent, it is usually fleece which helps keep baby dry, and you use the pocket to add the absorbency to the nappy with inserts.

These nappies usually come with inserts for the pocket (microfibre being the most common) however you can experiment with absorbency by using a variety of different inserts depending on your requirements.  Bamboo or organic cotton are usually more absorbent than microfibre, however microfibre absorbs quicker so if you require extra absorbency a combination of microfibre insert with bamboo/hemp/cotton underneath is usually a good idea.

Fitted/2 Parters

Fitted nappies were our favourite nappy for the newborn days, and we also really rate them for night as well.  Some people find them confusing however once you have the hang of them they are straightforward to use.

This nappy system consists of a nappy made entirely of absorbent material which you then cover with a wrap (wraps are most commonly PUL, however you can also get wraps and other nappy covers made from fleece and wool).  As the entire nappy is absorbant these are the best at containing explosive poos as well as being more absorbent than the other nappy types.  This is why they are such a popular nappy for both night times and newborn stage.  Plenty of people use 2 part nappies for both day and night, although they are more bulky than other nappy types. 

These nappies come in a variety of different materials,such as cotton, microfibre and fleece, however the most popular is bamboo.  These nappies are also usually sized meaning you need to buy different sizes as baby grows.  A main consideration when choosing these nappies is the drying time of the chosen material.  Microfibre is relatively quick drying, whereas cotton and bamboo can take more than 24 hours on an airer to dry so you may need more of these nappies in your stash to allow for drying time