Frugi Clothing

When we started using cloth nappies we didn't really have any trouble getting clothing to fit our children, sometimes we needed to size up and we had to avoid clothing that was too tight but this was not difficult as regardless of the type of nappy they were wearing our wee ones always looked more comfy in clothes with room.  This is how we found Frugi (which means fruits of the earth in latin) a super childrens clothing brand which not only are cut to fit nicely over all sizes of cloth bums  but are also organic, ethically produced and quite frankly fabulous!  Frugi clothing is now a staple of our childrens wardrobes, they are so comfy, wear well and offer such a different look to high street stores.

The company look after their suppliers and manufacturers and are a company we are proud to support.  Try out their range and you will see why everyone LOVES Frugi