Fitted Nappies / 2 Parters

We LOVE fitted nappies (also called 2 parters) for night-times.  They are a fully absorbent nappy (usually made from bamboo or cotton) which needs to be covered with a nappy wrap - usually made of waterproof PUL but wool or fleece wraps are also suitable covers for 2 part nappies.  These nappies are by far the best at containing explosive poos, making them a popular choice for newborn nappies.  

Another economical nappy choice are prefold nappies (another 2 part system) consisting of an absorbent prefold which can either be used to shape into a nappy, or folded into a pad.  A wrap is then added over the top.  Prefolds dry very quickly and only the prefold would need changed if the wrap is clean making them a cheaper option than other nappy systems and very popular for newborns.