All-in-Ones are our favourite daytime nappies.  As the name suggests all in ones are just that - a complete nappy which is washed and dried as one piece.  The outer will usually be made of PUL which stops any wetness leaking out and the inner (the bit that soaks up the pee) could be any number of absorbent materials (Bamboo, Cotton and Microfibre being the most common). 

Not all All-in-One nappies are the same though - different brands can have different styles, insert layouts or have extras such as additional boosters or pockets for stuffing.  Being all-in-one these nappies are quick to put together ready for use and incredibly easy for dads, grandparents and childminders as they go on just like a disposable.

A consideration when using All-in-Ones is the drying time.  As the nappy parts are all connected they can take longer to dry, however nappy designers are coming up with more and more impressive ways to allow these nappies to dry quicker