Itti Bitti Tutto

Itti Bitti produce the most amazing nappies, all with a luxurious, super soft minkee outer - we LOVE them.  The Itti Tutto is a one size fits most nappy.  It consists of an outer shell into which you snap absorbent soakers.  You can choose from Bamboo/Cotton soakers or Microfibre.  Each soaker set has 3 different soakers included allowing you to customise your Tutto to suit your baby.  You can reuse the outer shell if it isn't soiled by snapping in a fresh set of soakers.  This is also really useful on wash day as the shells dry quicker than the soakers so having extra sets means your drying time is reduced.

The Tutto is adjustable from birth using poppers on the front and it has an poo fence to help guard against leaks - it really is a fantastic nappy!