Close Parent Accessories

Close Parent have create some fabulous reusable nappy accessories, and cool kids items.  The Close Parent bamboo reusable baby wipes are larger than most brands, and so luxuriously soft.  The reusable swim nappy and potty training pants are really popular and very practical coming in a range of sizes to suit all ages from baby to toddler.

The Close Parent coverall bibs makes mealtime clean up a breeze, and these are great to use with baby led weaning as they catch a lot of the mess.  They are also great for use with messy play activies to keep clothes clean.  Perhaps my favourite accessory however is the Close Parent car seat protector.  Simply add this to car seats, or buggy seats and it will catch any little accidents/messes saving you from needing to clean the car seat or buggy which is a much bigger job!
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